HC508: New Commodore Amiga 500 accelerator card

The new HC508 Amiga 500 accelerator card is making good progress! The project has reached a stage when complete system tests are possible and the integrated CF + IDE allows running the complete AmigaOS 3.1 with WHDLoad. With an IDE HDD it produces 4.8-5 MB/s, CF card’s transfer rate varies around 3.2 MB/s. 

Key feaures:
  • 68HC000 CPU running at 50 MHz (100% MC68000 compatible)
  • 40 pin IDE connector for HDD, CD ROM etc.
  • Integrated CF card connector
  • 8 MB Fast RAM (1 wait state)
  • 512k FlashROM for Kickstart (1 wait state)
  • Utility for disabling / enabling every module separately (XCPU, XRAM, XROM, IDE)

news source: amigaprj.blogspot / image source: Flickr

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