Source code released of Amiga FPS classic Breathless

In Breathless, the human race has been enslaved by evil alien overlords. But some rebel groups haven’t given up hope yet and fight against the oppressors. When one of them gets caught, they are being transformed into cyborgs and stuck in complicated mazes that function as arenas, where they have to fight for their honour and maybe their freedom. Breathless is a first-person-shooter, where the player has to navigate various stages infested with enemies out to get them. The player has a status display at the bottom of the screen. It contains the current score, the remaining health and shield as well as energy and credits. Energy functions as a universal ammo stock, with each of the weapon depleting a certain amount. By picking up credits, the player can buy or upgrade weapons at computer terminals. The player’s goal is to reach the exit of each of the 20 levels. However, there are usually doors in the way that have to be opened by finding the right switches, or obtaining certain key cards to progress further into the maze.

news source: Aminet / image source: GenerationAmiga / download source code

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