AmigaOS 3.1.4 Released: the biggest upgrade for Commodore Amiga computers since 2000

By providing full pre-emptive multitasking in 1985, AmigaOS was further ahead of its contemporaries than it had been with its lauded graphical and sound capabilities. AmigaOS is an operating system consisting of two parts: the Kickstart ROM, which contained most of the necessary base components for the operating system in a stunningly small amount of space, and Workbench, the GUI layer for the OS, originally contained on a series of floppy discs. Such a dual-layer system may seem odd to more recent adopters of computer technology, but in the days of limited permanent storage, it showed itself to be an ideal way to allow for a complex operating system without compromise. The lastest release for 68k based Commodore Amiga computers was in 2000 when Haage & Partner released AmigaOS 3.9. Today Hyperion entertainment released AmigaOS 3.1.4, offering huge improvements. The new, cleaned-up, polished Amiga operating system for your 68K machine fixes all the small annoyances that have piled up over the years. Originally intended as a bug-fix release, it also modernizes many system components previously upgraded in OS 3.9. AmigaOS 3.1.4 is arguably as large an upgrade as OS 3.9 was, and surpasses it in stability and robustness. Over 320K of release notes cover almost every aspect of your favourite classic AmigaOS — from bootmenu to datatypes. And much more…

news source: Hyperion Entertainment / image source: GenerationAmiga

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