Powerglove Reloaded Released: locate the 6 diamonds and survive

A new amazing Amiga arcade game has been released! Powerglove Reloaded is a classic-era run ‘n’ gun game developed by Lazycow and Pierre ‘Cyborgjeff’ Martin for the Commodore Amiga home computer. Based on the 2014 Commodore smash ‘Powerglove’, this enhanced port features improved graphics, a larger game map, deeper game mechanics and even boss fights! The world’s fossil resources are exhausted. Two polar subterranean thermal reactors supply the increasing energy demand of mankind. An explosion in the Northern polar thermal reactor has destroyed all primary and secondary energy connections and contact with the engineers and rescue robots has been lost. Without an energy supply the death of billions is imminent. We need the six control diamonds to engage the station’s backup systems. Use the shielded suit and the Powerglove to protect you against the maintenance robots. You’re our only hope!

news source: rgcddev.itch.io / image source: rgcddev.itch.io / download Powerglove

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