New enhanced AmigaOS 4.1 release of SketchBlock

SketchBlock is a sketching and painting package specifically designed for AmigaOS 4.1. Best thing about SketchBlock is that it’s simple for beginners to learn and it doesn’t confuse you with a ton features or fancy tools. SketchBlock purpose is digital painting and that’s precisely what it does well. The new update (version 3.4) offers, new path management features, some additional arexx commands and more. Sketchblock Pro 3.4 will be free to existing users of SketchBlock Professional Edition or can be bought via the AMIStore for £15.00 for new users and £10 update for existing owners of SketchBlock Lite.

news source: / image source: Pixabay / download SketchBlock(2.6) / watch on Youtube

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