New enhanced AmigaOS 3.1 release of Duke Nukem 3D

NovaCoder Released a new enhanced release of Duke Nukem 3D, based on the old Atari/Amiga ports with some newer features from Chocolate Duke added for extra flavour. The new release offers slight performance improvements and an AGA Amiga with a fast 68060 processor and 32MB of FASTRAM is recommended. Duke himself is a musclebound action hero on his way home from his previous two 2D platform games, he’s shot down by a cadre of aliens that have invaded Earth – setting him up as the last man available to save the day. The journey takes him from mundane streets to orbiting space stations in his quest to kill three alien bosses at the end of three episodes, for 28 levels total.

news source: Aminet / image source: desktopbackground / watch on Youtube / download Duke Nukem 3D AGA or RTG

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