AmiKit XE Released: Works on any Vampire V2 or V4

AmiKit is a compilation of 420 installed and configured Amiga programs running on multiple operating system thanks to the integrated emulator. The first release was in 2005 and enjoyed a lot of succes. AmiKit is best known for offering a modern touch of the authentic Commodore Amiga Workbench experience and is very easy to install on any modern computer system. The new release of AmiKit XE (version 11.3) is optimized for Vampire V2 and Vampire V4 Standalone. However, AmiKit is rock stable on V2, you might experience weird behaviour or even crashes on Vampire V4. AmiKit support and functionality on the Apollo Vampire V4 Standalone computer is currently limited. The LZX Edition is available for €49,95 and the Premium CF 16GB edition will retail for €79,95.

news source: Amikit / image source: Amikit / purchase AmiKit XE

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