Xeno Crisis Announced for Super Nintendo: fast, frantic and challenging shooter

Originally developed for the Sega Mega Drive, Xeno Crisis has since been ported to numerous other systems, including the Dreamcast, Switch, N64 and Neo Geo.Xeno Crisis, developed by Bitmap Bureau, is a throwback to the arcade shooters that once dominated quarters and tokens. This top-down, twin-stick shooter embraces the essence of classics like “Smash TV” and “Aliens,” delivering intense, fast-paced gameplay that demands precision and strategy. Players assume the roles of marines on a mission to combat an alien threat, navigating through seven arenas, annihilating hordes of extraterrestrial foes, and saving the day. The SNES version of Xeno Crisis is available to pre-order now from the developer’s website ( Bitmap Bureau). It’s available in PAL, Japanese and US region variants, and there’s a both regular and collector’s editions offering a bunch of extras, including an alternate artwork on the box, postcards and much more.

News source: Twitter / Watch gameplay on Youtube

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