A brand new Apple Lisa with no original Apple hardware

DosFox Announced a functional Clone of the Apple Lisa 2/5, using NOS components on the famous cyberpunk website hackaday.io. The Apple Lisa is a historical personal computer introduced by Apple Inc. in 1983. It was a pioneering system in terms of its graphical user interface and mouse-based interaction. While the Lisa itself didn’t achieve widespread success, its technology and concepts heavily influenced Apple’s subsequent products. The Macintosh, which was released in 1984, incorporated many of the ideas and innovations that were first introduced with the Lisa. The Macintosh’s graphical user interface, mouse input, and overall design philosophy were direct descendants of the Lisa’s innovations. The Lisa also played a role in shaping the computing industry’s future by popularizing the concept of a graphical user interface. It demonstrated that a user-friendly interface could be more intuitive and accessible for a broader audience than command-line interfaces.

image source: lovret.net

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