Bubble Bobble, A great Commodore Amiga classic

Bubble Bobble is is an arcade puzzle-platform game where you take control of one of two little monsters named Bub or Bob. In terms of story, Bub and Bob have been turned into blue and green dragons and their girlfriends have been taken. The culprit – Baron von Blubba – hides in the Cave of Monsters, where Bub and Bob must travel to rescues their girlfriends and regain their original forms! Each stage is one screen in size and is populated with various enemies. The goal is to defeat all the enemies in order to move onto the next stage. The mechanic that makes this game Bubble Bobble is the ability that the player-controlled monsters have of blowing bubble to entrap their enemies! Once captured in a bubble, the player must run into the captured enemies to turn them into food! There is a bit of tension to run to the captured monster though, because it the player takes too long, the enemy will break free and will go berserk running quickly all over the stage. Although simple, these mechanics drive the games’ 100+ levels.

The difficulty progression is excellent where early levels are very simple and introduce the player to the mechanics while the later levels become much more difficult. The real challenge is having the time and patients to sit through all of the 100+ levels – luckily the game has a password feature that is provided to you once you have a game over which allows you to pick up where you left off. Graphics are charming but nothing fancy with colourful levels and enemies and static black backgrounds. The sound and music is fun and captures the mood of the game but does not go beyond this. Overall, this game is a simple but fun cooperative puzzle-platform game. After 20 or 30 levels, it can become a but repetitive, but is still fun!

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Bubble Bobble

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