Turrican 2 AGA Released: The great classic is back and reprogrammed from scratch

Turrican 2 is probably one of the best games ever released on the Amiga platform. This action game was also released one multiple computer platforms, and the MS-DOS release (wich offered improved graphics) is now available for the Amiga platform! The game has been reprogrammed from scratch and makes full use of the AGA chipset and offers improvements such as parallax scrolling and music improvements. You take control of Turrican as he lands on the outer surface of Landorin. Since his last mission he has been streamlining his abilities and improving his armour. He is still armed with the multi-purpose laser cannon, but a host of ‘alternations’ have been made. To begin with, Turrican must move around the planet’s surface destroying any enemies he may come across. Later, secret entrances into further caverns must be found, so that Turrican can make his way deeper into the planet and stamp out the enemy threat, as well as having to find and steal a spaceship to navigate the speed tunnel – a deadly corridor that is packed full with deadly machine guns. As Turrican works his way deeper and deeper into the planet, the machine guards get tougher and meander, throwing all manner of defences at you to try and stop your advance into their newly-claimed territory. The unofficial game release is available for free and is also compatible with the A500 MINI.

news source: sonicslothgames / download Turrican 2 AGA

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