ACA1221C/25 Accelerator available for Amiga 1200 computer

Alinea computers just announced availability of the new ACA1221C/25 accelerator card for Amiga 1200 systems! This accelerator comes with a 68ec020 (without MMU) processor (25MHz rating) and 16MBytes physical memory. 9MBytes of this physical memory can be used as fastmem, and up to 7 MBytes can be used as a ram disk. The CPU speed can be switched in four steps between 17.03MHz and 42.5MHz. ChipMem access speed has been greatly improved in comparison to the ACA1220, which will help eliminating the so-called “Turrican slowdowns” and other WHDload game hickups. Although the card is running asynchronously to the A1200, synchronous ChipMem speed can be achieved while maintaining full PCMCIA compatibility. The ACA1221ec has much faster memory performance than most older designs with a 68020 processor. The modern 3.3V SD-Ram is clocked at over 85MHz, resulting in 0-waitstate access most of the times. As with previous ACA12xx accelerators, the ACA1221ec supports the popular 1MB Maprom option. Maprom allows you to increase ROM access speed by copying the Kickstart ROM into an especially-reserved memory space. You can purchase the accelerator for only € 119,95 on the webstore of Alinea computers.

news source: Alinea Computers / image source: Flickr

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