MKshare: Seamlessly share your mouse, keyboard AmigaOne computers

MKShare for AmigaOS4 enables you to seamlessly share your mouse, keyboard and clipboard between several AmigaOS computers, reducing desk clutter and avoiding the need for KVM switches which are often reported problematic with Amiga based systems. Unlike systems like synergy a low level protocol is used that mimics the behaviours of input device with packets closely matched to the underlying event messages, giving a smooth amigalike feeeling to the remote mouse. You can hardly tell it not a ‘real mouse’. In most cases lag is minimal, the exception being when the server of client are under very heavy CPU mode. You can share between AmigaOS4 and a machine running Commodore AmigaOS classic connected to the same Local Area Network.

news source: Broad Ology / image source: Pixabay

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