The KA71, is a headphone amplifier designed for Commodore Amiga computers. Its main feature is adjustable stereo channel separation. Amiga has 100% separation, so listening to it via headphones is uncomfortable. With KA71 channels can be crossmixed at any amount from full stereo to full mono. KA71 also provides load separation, which yields deeper bass. Thanks to DC/DC power supply converter it has enough power to drive higher impedance phones (like 100 ohm or even more). The amplifier may be powered either from USB (it has microUSB B socket, the same as in smartphones, so one can use phone charger, powerbank, cable to active hub or computer), or from three AAA cells. The design is low-noise and low-distortion. Of course KA71 can be also used as regular phone amp with any source providing “line” levels. Input impedance is standard 50 kohm. for more information or ordering please visit the website.

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