Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold Released on AmigaOS 3.1

A new optimized release of Blake Stone: Alien of Gold has been released for Commodore Amiga computers. Blake Stone was released shortly after Doom II hit the markets, and way after it was at the top of everyone’s have-to-buy list. This, plus the reality that Blake Stone was based on “older” technology than Doom II made most players completely overlook this title, a decision based on unfair criteria. Yes, Doom II’s technology was superior, but it only had that as an advantage. It was a non-squared wolf3d, with more gore. Blake Stone, unlike it, since it used a more limited technology, relied on addding features to the fast corridor FPS games. Medstations supplying medkits to heal yourself, NPCs that you could talk to, backtracking levels, were some of the new additions that Blake Stone provided to the maze fps genre pioneered by id software. Unfortunately, during its time, people were too busy admiring the varying level heights and map mode from Doom II to see them. Some years later with games like Strife, and much later on, with a game called Half Life, Blake Stone had some sort of reinvindication from these games, which included many of the features that it brought to the table, and made these later games their core gameplay’s trademark.

news source: Aminet / image source: GenerationAmiga / download Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold

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