Entwickler-X proudly announced the full release of Spencer for AmigaOS 4.1. Spencer is a classic Jump´n Run with challenging levels and enemies. Find missing items, destroy enemies, collect coins and diamonds. 3D graphics packed in a nice graphics style, great 2.5D levels and proven gameplay gives you hours of fun. Spencer is an intergalactic traveler who crashed his spaceship on Earth. Alien monsters, stowaways, have broken out and stole important parts to repair the spaceship. Help Spencer to get the missing items for his ship. Destroy enemies, collect coins and diamonds to cover all tracks on earth. You have to collect all Coins to open the exit automat and finish the level. When all Coins are collected, bonus diamonds appear. Be fast, the house ghost is follow you and will steal all your bonus diamonds. Use special items carefully to trick the ghost and get more diamonds and enemies for a great highscore. 

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