Road Avenger released for Commodore Amiga

Pixelglass proudly announced the full release of Road Avenger for Commodore Amiga. Road Avenger is an interactive game, telling the story of a rookie cop avenging the murder of his wife with his highly modified car. The player assumes the role of a vigilante who drives a customized sports car in order to bring the biker gang responsible for his wife’s death to justice. As with other laserdisc-based arcade games from the same time, the gameplay consists of on-screen instructions overlaid over pre-recorded animated footage. The player enters a series of high-speed chases in which they must squeeze between trucks, fend off the gang members, perform dangerous stunts, commit acts of vehicular homicide, and narrowly escapes death before facing off against the gang’s female leader. 

news source: Pixelglass / image source: Pixabay / download Road Avenger

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