EmuBee a Norwegian based company specialized in retro hardware has announced a new hardware based Amiga emulator with retro looks that remind us of the Commodore Amiga 1200. Everything will be pre configured on Model X and users  just have click on a game to launch it. The company is currently working on a deal with several Amiga patent holders such as Cloanto (US patent holder) and Amiga inc.( Eurzone patent holder). A working demo for the public to play with will be available at Retrospillmessen in Norway May 12 – 13. On July 23th 1985, Commodore released a revolutionary multimedia machine that would captivate millions of peoples across the globe. How 3 dentists from Florida changed the world in witch was meant to be a joystick company when it started. And not only revolutionary with it’s amazing hardware but also software based with it’s revolutionary 32bit operating system based on Exec, the kernel of AmigaOS, a multitasking microkernel which enabled pre-emptive multitasking in as little as 256 KB of memory. Exec provided functions for multitasking, memory management, and handling of interrupts and dynamic shared libraries. The A1000 came with revolutionary graphics and sound, it utilized a Motorola 68000 CPU running at 7.16mhz as well as 256kb of built in RAM and could be expanded to 8MB. The unique custom chipset known as the OCS (Original Chip Set) that consisted of special chips known as Agnus (display controller), Denise (graphics), Paula (sound) and Gary (system address decoader) for graphics and sound that blew away anything the IBM PC’s or Apple Mac was capable of doing at the time. In the next upcoming 9 years millions of people would buy one of the many released Amiga models until it’s demise in 1994.

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