Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade: Search throughout war-torn Europe for the Holy Grail

Following in the footsteps of the old crusaders, both the Nazis and Indiana Jones are searching throughout war-torn Europe for the Holy Grail. With the aid of your father’s diary and your bullwhip, you must follow a trail which leads from the rat-infested catacombs of Venice into the very heart of the Third Reich. Having got yourself into another fine mess, you’ll discover that your eccentric father is also stuck in the Wolf’s Lair, so it’s double trouble for the man in the Fedora. Before setting off for Venice you can travel to your father’s house to pick up some useful objects.

If you survive the deadly traps protecting the tomb of the crusader, your trail will lead onward to an old castle in Germany. Rescuing your father and escaping the clutches of the Gestapo will enable you to pay a call on Hitler himself, before you make a further dash in a Zeppelin to the Holy Lands. Here your most dangerous test awaits – three trials of faith must be endured before the secret of the Grail is at last revealed. You may pick up and use objects, and talk to other characters by selecting sentences from an offered list. In case your firsts are faster than your wits, the game will allow you to engage in punch-ups with various bad guys. Where an enemy blocks your progress, you have to resort to brute force and give him a right to the jaw. The game has been designed with many different paths to success. Should you have managed to fool the Gestapo and escape from the German castle with the Grail diary, you will automatically head for the airport.

Otherwise the game will point you in the direction of Berlin and give you the chance to retrieve the book. For this reason you may play sections of the game which have not been seen by other players who have completed the quest. A score of Indy’s IQ is given to indicate how well you are doing in the solving of the complete game. From time to time the view of the screen will change to an overhead perspective. This is used in a number of small mazes and in the castle corridors. The animation and background graphics are first class. The title music and sound effects build up the atmosphere and do a great job of recreating the excitement of the film. Like the movie, this game is big. Lucasfilm has satisfied both Indy fans and computer adventurers with a brilliant game in the 90s.

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