Amiga, Inc., Itec, and Amino start new legal battle against Hyperion

A new motion from Amiga Inc., Itec and Amino asks for a partial summary judgment on two of their original complaints, both dealing with trademarks: The judge is asked to issue an order declaring that Hyperion is not the rightful owner of any of the Amiga related trademarks it registered or applied for in the last few years. The motion also lists all of the trademarks aquired by Hyperion Entertainment. Since it is a motion for a partial summary, other issues raised by the Amiga parties in their original complaint – like the alleged breach of copyright, violations of the 2009 settlement etc. – would be reserved for an actual trial. ( Hyperion Entertainment is best known for releasing AmigaOS 4.0(PowerPC), AmigaOS 4.1(PowerPC), AmigaOS 3.1.4(68K) and is currently working on AmigaOS 3.2(68K) the company is also directly involved with hardware companies such as Acube systems (AmigaOne 500) and A-EON Technlogy (AmigaOne x1000, x5000 and X1222). The other companies, Amiga Inc., Itec and Amino are best known for doing nothing since the demise of Commodore in 1994(!) We are not claming that Hyperion Entertainment or Ben Hermans(current Director) are 100% rightfull (or made the best business decisions) for any claims concerning the Amiga legacy, but despite the limited capabilities achieved several milestones in preservation and continuation of the computer platform. Several sources state otherwise but most of these claims are unfounded and populistic. None the less, it is very regrettable that a wondefull and legendary computer platform dating back to the 80s-90s, that offerd so much joy to millions of people and played a pivot role in computer innovation is heading to it’s final days. All because of the arrogance and false pride of just a few..

news source: / image source: Pexels

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