Revision 2022 Results: The world’s biggest pure Demoscene event

Revision is a demoparty which takes place on Easter in Saarbrücken, Germany and is the successor of the Breakpoint party series, established in 2011. The party hosts many people from around the world each year and is currently the largest pure-demoscene event in the world. The 2022 edition is again a big succes and many coders released amazing demos and intros for various computer platforms. Demoparties started to appear in the 1980s in the form of copyparties, where software pirates and demomakers gathered to meet each other and share their software. During the 1990s, the focus of the events shifted away from illegal activities into demomaking and competitions. Although demos are still a more or less obscure form of art even in the traditionally active demoscene countries, the scene has influenced areas such as computer games industry. A great deal of European game programmers, artists and musicians have come from the demoscene.

news source: revison party / competition 2022 results

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