C64/OS 1.0 Released: A new operating system for the Commodore 64

C64/OS is a new modern operating system add-on that balances power and ease of use, while respecting the computer’s modest specifications. C64/OS lets you do things with your Commodore 64 that Commodore would never have imagined. Five years in the making, C64/OS is a platform ideally suited for a whole new class of application. Applications ready to take advantage of mass storage, wireless networking, and more RAM, in an elegant, modular and expandable system, with a beautiful user experience you’ll feel comfortable with from the first click. C64/OS 1.0 is now available for you to order. The operating system ships on an SD card in one of two bundles. The cheapest option is a Starter bundle featuring a 16 MB System Card with 2 partitions, suitable for introductory use. The OS can be purchased for $45 USD.

news source: c64os.com

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