Amiga Release of Sensible World of Soccer season 22/23 available

It’s name you know already, after all, you’ve been dreaming sweet dreams about it every night since you heard about its release. Sensible Soccer is, undoubtedly, the world’s most popular Amiga game ever created. Over the last couple of years it’s been slowly fine-tuned by the german fansite For those gamers new to this computer soccer lark then welcome to the exciting world of Sensible Soccer. For seasoned Sensible Soccer professionals, your ‘game’ has just been changed for the better and you won’t be able to put your joystick down to stop playing it Like all of Sensible Software’s titles, Sensible Soccer’s success lies in its gripping gameplay, but also in its highly responsive control system which is unmatched in any other sports game. Tapping the fire button results in a small pass while yanking the stick back at an angle pulls off a spectacular banana kick. The control is very, very intuitive and moves are carried out in a split second without having to worry about awkward joystick combinations. And there we have it – an excellent update with the latest season data 22/23!

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