Linux passes Mac for Steam’s second-most used OS

Steam is historically been dominated by Windows as the most used operating system by gamers. However, Linux has now overtook macOS as the second-most used operating system on Steam. The change is probably because of Valve’s handheld device, the Steam Deck. Linux saw its share of the market increase by half a percent, giving it a 1.96% share of the operating system pie (on 132 million users that’s about 2.7 million users). This shift was likely also influenced by Valve’s efforts to promote Linux gaming and the development of Steam Play with Proton, a compatibility tool that allows many Windows-only games to run on Linux systems. Proton uses Wine, a compatibility layer, to facilitate this cross-platform gaming experience. Altough very marginal compared to the wooping 96.26% it’s nice to see some progress  in an attempt to diversify the OS market.

image source: wallpapersafari

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