Microids Has released a new Flashback 2 trailer

“Flashback: The Quest for Identity” is a classic cinematic platformer game released for the Amiga and other platforms. Developed by Delphine Software and initially released in 1992, “Flashback” is best known for its smooth animation, engaging storyline, and atmospheric gameplay. In the new upcoming release, Conrad B. Hart will have to confront fierce enemies such as the Triangle Mafia and powerful Mechas in thrilling combat. The game will probably offer an extraordinary experience combining action, combat, platforming, and exploration in a breathtaking cyberpunk world. “Flashback” remains a beloved title for Amiga enthusiasts and fans of classic gaming. Its unique combination of cinematic storytelling, smooth animation, and challenging gameplay set it apart from other platformers of its era. The new release is being made in collaboration with original creator Paul Cuisset, “bringing together members of the original Flashback team, including Game Designer Thierry Perreau and Composer Raphaël Gesqua, the musician behind the soundtrack for the original Amiga version of Flashback.

News source and video: Youtube

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