Linux Ported to the new Arm-based Mac Mini

When Apple released their desktop products with the M1 processor in November 2020, quite a few people in the tech community were surprised by the excellent performance of these systems. The new Linux distro called Corellium is an Arm-based Ubuntu distro that boots from a USB drive, but it is not as simple as plug-and-play. The main hurdle to getting Linux running on the Apple M1 is hardware drivers. If you are interested in trying Corellium out on your M1 Mac, you will need the Ubuntu POC rootfs and a 16GB USB stick. Corellium posted the files and instructions to its website. Keep in mind this project is a work in progress. Lets hope Hyperion Entertainment can untangle itself from the PowerPC hostage situation and starts considering porting AmigaOS to X86 or ARM Macs.

news source: / download corellium

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