Quake II Remaster is out now on PC and consoles

Quake II, a cornerstone of the first-person shooter genre that originally debuted in 1997 is back with a twist. Upon its release, Quake II redefined the first-person shooter genre, building upon the foundations laid by its predecessor. It introduced a fully 3D world, immersive multiplayer modes, and an arsenal of weapons that set new standards for FPS games. The game’s dystopian sci-fi setting and fast-paced gameplay contributed to its cult following. Quake II’s significance extended beyond its technical achievements; it embodied the gaming culture of the late 1990s, when LAN parties and competitive multiplayer were gaining traction. The remaster elevates the game’s graphics to match todays standards with high-definition textures, improved lighting effects, and updated character models breathe new life into the game. The audio experience is also revamped with enhanced sound effects and a remastered soundtrack. There’s a brand-new expansion titled Call of the Machine as well and splitscreen support.

News source: Youtube

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