SSX Tricky Creator working on a new snowboarding game

According to an article on Gaming Bible, the creators of  “SSX Tricky” are working on a new release. “SSX Tricky” was a snowboarding game that combined fast-paced racing with intricate tricks and stunts. The gameplay offered an addictive blend of racing down intricate tracks while executing jaw-dropping tricks to earn points. The tricky aspect of the game came from the boost mechanic that allowed players to perform supercharged moves, boosting their speed and increasing their scores. These mechanics rewarded players for pushing their limits and taking risks, leading to a constant adrenaline rush and a deep sense of satisfaction upon nailing a particularly difficult trick sequence. One of the standout features of “SSX Tricky” was its diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and playstyles. From the cool and collected Mac to the rebellious Elise, the characters added depth and variety to the gameplay. Each character had their own set of tricks, abilities, and catchphrases that players grew attached to. This not only allowed players to connect with their favorite characters but also added an element of replayability as players experimented with different characters’ strengths and weaknesses. Whether racing down the slopes of Garibaldi or carving through the streets of Tokyo, each environment was a visual spectacle. The imaginative level design added an extra layer of excitement, encouraging players to explore every nook and cranny to uncover hidden paths and secrets. The new release will include free-to-play elements, live competition, co-op team-based features, and a sandbox social hub.

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