New enhanced AmigaOS 4.x release of StarTrek Voyager: Elite Force

The game’s single-player campaign consists of around 30 linear levels, divided up into eight distinct missions. Missions have different objectives, from retrieving a particular item and accessing computer systems, escorting a friendly character through hostile territory, or destroying vital ship and station components. Enemies come in multiple forms in the game, often as Star Trek species such as the Borg and the Klingons. Each group of enemies uses a different means of attacking: most humanoid enemies are armed with weapons similar to the player, and will use cover and squad tactics to attempt to kill the player character. The Borg differ from this in that, instead of using squad tactics, they eventually adapt their personal energy shields to most of the player’s weapons, slowly rendering the player’s attacks useless as they advance. Other enemies may attempt to swarm the player and eliminate them with melee attacks.

news source: HunoPPC / image source: Activision / Download Star Trek AmigaOS 4.x

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