Cannon Fodder: Amiga Map editor with many goodies

Here is the Cannon Fodder map editor by Nicola Wrachien, it lets you edit the original maps or make completely new ones and it’s easy to use! More maps,tools,music and extra can be found on this great website. Cannon Fodder is a military-themed action game with strategy and shoot ’em up elements. The player controls a small squad of up to five soldiers. These soldiers are armed with machine guns which kill enemy infantry with a single round. The player’s troops are similarly fragile, and while they possess superior fire-power at the game’s outset, the enemy infantry becomes more powerful as the game progresses. As well as foot soldiers, the antagonists include vehicles such as Jeeps, tanks and helicopters as well as missile-armed turrets.

news source: lekispage / image source: GenerationAmiga

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