Music Maker 8 released: powerful sample-based music editor

Music Maker 8 is a sample-based music editor. It’s not “just another tracker”, it’s instead based on macros which apply to one channel only. These macros can be combined freely to form a song. MusicMaker 8 includes a very powerful sample-editor and a sophisticated technique for providing eight channels (each capable of playing at different volume levels) on a standard Amiga. Samples can be packed using the Fibonacci compression algorithm, with variable compression rates up to 50%. The Amiga is legendary when it comes to music tunes, especially during the early days of Wintel machines with nothing more then awful beep sounds. Most creative computer users wanted something more and Commodore had the solution thanks to the advanced chipset structure in the Amiga. ADF files.

news source: Aminet / image source: Pexels / download Music Maker 8

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