Some great games and programs have been made for MS-DOS, but starting DOSBox and entering all these Dos commando’s is sometimes quite painfull and annoying. RunInDOSBox for AmigaOS4 allows you to start MS-DOS games and programs by just clicking  .exe or .bat file on your AmigaOS4 desktop environment and MS-DOS software will automatically start in DOSBox. If you don’t have DOSBox installed, then please download & install it. DOSBox needs a newer version of SDL than comes with AmigaOS4.1 (Update 5), so you may have to download from here: (Install it by copying “” to the “Sys:SObjs” folder.) If you have never run DOSBox before, then please run it once by double-clicking on the “DOSBox” program (and then close it). This lets AmigaOS4’s AppDir: and  RunInDOSBox know where to find it. Next double-click on RunInDOSBox’s “Install” icon. This will copy a few files to their required locations. When DOSBox is running, you can press Alt-Enter to switch between Full Screen & Windowed mode.