Amiga RTG 68k port of DosBox released

DOSBox is a DOS virtual machine that lets you run games or other software that runs on the classic OS. Like a virtual machine, the DOS software gives you control on how to emulate your programs such as its graphics and sound output. DOSBox can recreate legacy hardware that was running native the native DOS operating system from Microsoft. One of the notable aspects of retro games that the virtual machine can recreate is software graphics such as EGA and CGA and also support VGA. Amiga programmer enthousiast Novacoder released a new release of DoxBox (version 0.74) for classic Commodore Amiga computers with RTG support and offers several improvements and fixes. A very powerfull 060 or Vampire accelerator is highly recommended.

news source: Aminet / image source: GenerationAmiga / download DoxBox RTG 68k

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