Full release Max Knight for AmigaOS 3.1

The polish software developer Pixelnation just released the full version of  ‘Max knight’, a fantastic good looking game for Commodore Amiga classic. Explore 36 levels in 5 massive worlds. Help Max save his kidnapped brother Miki and defeat the evil green dragon bringing havoc & pain to the ounce peaceful world. You run from left to right, up & down, collecting power ups and keys to unlock new levels. This is one of those games which you can pick up anytime, play through in an hour, and be done with it. And hell, you’re having a great time doing it. This game isn’t trying to be fancy or flashy. It’s simple but the simplicity of the game makes it that much more fun.

news source: Pixelnation.ppa.pl / image source: Pixelnation.ppa.pl / download Max Knight

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