AmiZIP released: Very powerful ZIP utility for AmigaOS

AmiZIP is a free compressor and file extractor that works with ZIP files, it support AmigaOS and compatible operating systems. It supports drag and drop to quickly open a ZIP file. Utilities that compress one or more files into one smaller file have been around since the first personal computers were introduced. These archive or zip file utilities were known by various names such as arc, pkarc and pkzip and they were run from a command line. Considering that most personal computers back then didn’t have a hard drive larger than 10 MB (if they even had one at all) and were only connected via modem speeds up to 1200bps, these compression utilities were essential for saving space and shortening upload and download times. Even though today’s computers have much more storage space and faster connection speeds, compression utilities are still incredibly useful for saving time and hard disk space. Through their modern graphical interfaces, drag and drop capability, support for multiple compression formats, security features and much more, they are also easier than ever to use.

news source: Aminet / image source: Pixabay / download Amizip

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