M.A.C.E, Amazing and modern space shoot ’em up for AmigaOne

M.A.C.E is a classic space shoot ’em up, inspired by the legendary Amiga games of this genre. Handdrawn 2D graphics in HD resolutions, parallax scrolling, explosion effects and optimized games mechanics, combined with the proven gameplay are transporting the “Spirit of Amiga” in today’s Age. The M.A.C.E , or the Military Alliance of Common Earth, was founded after the first alien invasion of Earth in 2054. MACE is the epitome of a new order and alliance of all inhabitants of the earth to fight aliens to defend life on the planet by military means. During heavy fighting rampaging on the ground, the inhabitants of our planet defend themselves against the invasion of aliens. In order to gain a tactical advantage, the cosmogists are trying to build new land bases for their ships. M.A.C.E units are meant to prevent this. A group of specially trained earth-based pilots for the control of their ships heroically fights with large ships of mothers as well as smaller enemy troops, which once more exceeds our space. The playability of M.A.C.E is probably the biggest advantage of the game. With amazing good looking levels with a beautifully refined parallax effect, being bombarded by flares, explosions, streaks and other cool light effects. All this suited to FullHD resolution. There are 3 worlds, and at the end of each one you will have to fight a boss alien , which is obviously the most dangerous challenge. The game comes with 5 nice soundtracks creating extra atmosphere and tension. Try the free game demo here before you buy. Also Available on Android!

news source: GenerationAmiga / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on youtube

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