Alien Breed II: Great classic from 1993, with dozens of extremely challenging levels

The original Team 17 blaster featured two marines called Johnson and Stone who ventured forth into a station called ISRC-4 which contained on Alien Breed. Johnson and Stone wandered through six massive and hugely challenging levels fighting aliens with all guns blazing. Alien Breed was probably the first product to really set the Team 17 success ball rolling and proved to be an immensely popular with the games buying public in the early 90s. It’s been nine long years since the first outbreak of aliens when Johnson and Stone crushed the invasion on a remote space research station. The horror has temporarily ceased. Times have changed in many ways; the IPC has now grown and strengthened, mainly due to the alliance of the six major races in the Federation colonies. Problems, it seems, are long gone and the Federation can look forward to indefinite peace. But Johnson and Stone who witnessed the terror of the aliens can still not rest easy. Federation Colony Alpha-Five, home of several hundred crew members, has been transmitting emergency signals for the past few hours.

Federation HQ fears the worst and it’s almost as if history is beginning to repeat itself. The four strongest members of the IPC’s marine force are called together, but just two will make the journey to FCA5 their mission brief unclear, but they know that the horror is about to continue. The first new feature you came across is the introduction of new marines. You can choose which of the four IPC characters you want to play with. Each one starts with different weapons and slightly different abilities, but you will have to find out what they are for yourself. Defaults are the old crew Johnson and Stone, but you can now select Ruffertoo and Zollux. Ruffertoo is an intelligent lizard lifeform while Zollux takes on the form of a tough war robot. You may find it best to experiment with combinations of characters that best suit your style of play before you start your mission properly. When you begin the game, you are lowered by a Federation dropship onto the landing pad of the Alpha-5 base. Your mission will be as the brief outlined to you by the Federation before you start to kick alien ass. With a silly inane grin spread across your face you decided to check out this second bout of alien Breed tomfoolery.

Starting outside the base you get the chance to boost up your supply of cash and keys while desperately trying to avoid the gunships and meteorites that fly overhead. Finally you discover the exit and immediately tens up because you know in just a few seconds time it will be time to face the aliens once more. Exploding onto the next level you are immediately faced with one of the rasping beasts. Instinctively you grab your machine gun and plough a ton of lead into its disgusting alien body. One down and only thousands to go! Once you’ve logged onto the computer network, you can order extra weaponry, key packs, ammo packs and such like. The weapons are available in three stages. Each is more powerful, but each stage uses up more ammo, so it’s up to you which weapon you choose. The Intex terminals also supply your marines with information on the current mission and gives access to the Info base which is a large source of information about the game. For the truly dedicated “breeders” out there is the option of looking at your current statistics and status. Alien Breed 2 features a more varied count of aliens and levels than its predecessor. In fact there are many new features, and it still retains that fresh feel of originality.

news source: various sources / image source: Generationamiga / watch on Youtube / download Alien Breed II

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