ToolsMenu is a commodity that will let you add tools to the Tools menu on your Workbench screen. Once a tool has been added, you can run it by selecting it from the menu. Any icons selected on the Workbench at that moment become arguments for the tool. For example, if you add MultiView, you can then select the icon of an image on the Workbench, then select MultiView from the menu to view that image. Tools will be run as if started by the Workbench. You will not be able to run tools that do not have a proper tool icons. Adding tools should be pretty self explanatory. Drag tool icons into the window to add them, after which you can edit their names if you like. You can also click the “New” button to manually enter a tool. You then write the name of the tool (as you would like it to appear in the menu) under the list, and type in the full path of the tool over on the right where it says “Tool”. The path must include the name of the tool’s executable file. When you are happy with your selection of tools, you must remember to save them from the pull down menu. The definitions will be saved as tool types in the commodity’s icon. ToolsMenu requires Kickstart 2 or later.


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