AmiSaber Released on Amiga: Remake of popular VR-game Beat Saber

AmiSaber Is now available on Aminet! This amazing remake of the popular VR-game Beat Saber is awesome and a very creative game release by Amiga developer Electric Black Sheep. AmiSaber can be played using 2 mice and offers some nice gameplay on medium range Commodore Amiga computers. The game can also be played on PC’s using Amiga emulators such as WinUAE or FS-UAE. Beat Saber is essentially Dance Dance Revolution with lightsabers. When you start the game, it maps a red or blue saber to each of your motion controllers, and you see a floating stream of red and blue arrow-marked boxes, which you slash in the correct direction with the correct saber at the correct time. Released by Czech indie studio Hyperbolic Magnetism Beat Saber, is one of virtual reality’s most popular games. It’s been on Steam’s VR best seller for most of 2018. Any Commodore Amiga user or retro gaming fan should give this game a try!

news source: Aminet / image source: GenerationAmiga / download Amisaber / watch on Youtube

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