Remember Toki released on the Commodore Amiga in the early 90’s? French publisher Microïds has announced that it’s working on a remake of classic arcade platform shooter Toki, due to release on Nintendo Switch toward the end of the year. A remake will give players the chance to discover or revisit this 2D platform game, and face up to the different levels and enemies, each wilder than the last! Pierre Adane, developer of Toki declares, “I’m very proud to be able to be bringing Toki back to life. There is an immense amount of pleasure in working on a project like this. For some time now Philippe and I have felt like working together again, and I’m happy that that’s coming together with Toki.” The story of Toki: One day the evil wizard Vookimedlo kidnaps his girlfriend Miho. When Toki tries to save her, he is turned into a monkey! Now Toki has to find Vookimedlo in his palace, rescue Wanda, and become a human being again!  When the beautiful Miho, princess of Toki’s tribe of jungle men, and a potential bride to Toki, is kidnapped by the treacherous witch doctor Vookimedlo. The beautiful princess Miho is taken to a golden palace at the summit of the island, which Vookimedlo has conjured up for himself to reside in. The wicked shaman then casts a spell to transform all the human inhabitants of the island into various animals and beasts, before they can defend themselves against the evil magic. Toki himself is transformed into a Geeshergam, one of the ape-like minions of Vookimedlo, although in his primate form, Toki more resembles a gorilla. Fortunately, the great warrior discovers that he is still in control of his own faculties and as an unexpected side effect of the spell cast on him, he can breathe fire and shoot various projectiles from his mouth.

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