Cloanto Licenses Commodore 65 ROM for the upcoming Mega 65

Great news for all Commodore computer lovers, Cloanto’s CEO Mike Battilana recently licensed the Commodore 65 ROM to The upcoming MEGA65 is designed to offer both Commodore 64 and Commodore 65 compatibility and is about 50 times faster than a Commodore 64 making it possibly the fastest 8-bit computer of all time. Based on FPGA technology, the MEGA65 is not just an emulator but a real 8-bit computer with real gun-racing video chip and internal floppy drive. The Commodore 65 is a prototype computer created by Commodore in 1990. The Commodore 65 was going to the succesor of Commodore 64, and it was meant to be backwards-compatible. When Commodore International was liquidated in 1994, a small amount of prototypes were sold. By the end of its life, the Commodore 64 had sold more units ( 17.000.000+) than any computer before. Release date is TBA….

news source: / image source: Wikipedia / watch Commodore and the cat

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