Commodore 65 In pristine working condition hits €25K mark on Ebay

The Commodore 65 is an unreleased improved version of the Commodore 64, and it was meant to be backwards-compatible with the older computer system, while still providing a number of advanced features close to those of the famous Amiga platform. The C65 system was reportedly driven by a 16-bit GE802 and was capable of running at 4 MHz, and included 128K of RAM with the option to expand is to 1MB of RAM. It supported 256 colors with a maximum resolution of 640 X 400 pixels. When Commodore International was liquidated in 1994, a number of prototypes were sold on the open market, and thus a few people actually own a Commodore 65. Estimates as to the actual number of machines found on the open market range from 50 to 2000 units. You can now purchase this piece of unfinished computer history on Ebay in near mint condition, but you will need a lot of bling bling to get it.

news source: Ebay / image source: Ebay / watch on Youtube

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