Party Games: Every naughty Amiga gamer played this game (18+)

I know, it’s for some a very controversial game, but it really deserves a place in this magazine. Every naughty Amiga gamer must have played this game during his childhood. It was probably one of the first moving pornographic games ever released. It would be nothing more then a duo GIF these days, but back then it was filthy and spectacle. It was more funny than eroctic and probably destroyed your joystick if you loved this game to much. This mini game had 4 eroctic scenes, one lesbian scene and 3 scenes with a man shagging a girl, and you had to waggle the joystick to make the man shag faster. This funny erotic Commodore Amiga game is mentioned in the book ‘Son of a Silverback‘ by Russell Kane. One of Britain’s most popular and prolific comedians, the book is about a hilarious and deeply moving memoir of life lived under the rule of a Silverback dad.

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