Download all Amiga CD32 games and play them on PC or Mac

The Amiga CD32 is a 32 bit home video game console developed and released by Commodore in 1993. It was based on Commodore’s Advanced Graphics Architecture chipset, and is of similar specification to the Amiga 1200 computer but with additional Akiko chip. The Amiga CD32 started very well and 100,000+ units of it were sold in Europe alone. Sales of the Amiga CD32 in the European Economic Area were not enough to save Commodore, and the Amiga CD32 discontinued only eight months after its debut. The game console offerd some great game titels such as Worms, Banshee, Flink, Guardian, Simon The Sorcerer, Jungle Strike and many more. The Amiga CD32 was also capable of running Commodore CDTV software.

news source: GenerationAmiga / image source: GenerationAmiga / download Torrent (3.5GB) / download FS-UAE (emulator) / download ROM

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