Piko Interactive will republish Jim Power for the Amiga CD32

Piko Interactive Aquired the license of the Amiga classic game Jim Power in 2014. The company recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter for re-releasing the game for SNES, Turbografx CD and Amiga CD32. Over 678 backers pledged $63,805 and the game will be released by August 2020. Jim Power is a shoot’em up game similar to Mega Man, Turrican, Contra and the like. In Jim Power Mutant Planet, Jim Power is sort of John MClane type detective, which is called in to rescue the president’s daughter who has been captured by an evil monster and taken to Mutant Planet. The Game Soundtrack features rocking music composed by Chris Huelsbeck.

news source: Amiga-news.de & Kickstarter / image source: GenerationAmiga

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