Das Boot: Awesome ww2 submarine simulator game on Amiga

Das Boot offers an in-depth game with authentic World War 2 settings of a German U-Boat. You’ll find yourself negotiating minefields, fighting off air attacks, shelling enemy ships from the deck fun, and avoiding depth charges. Naturally, there’s time for you to get your eye in with some torpedoing. There are five missions to tackle, beginning with a patrol in the Norwegian fjords. As you build in confidence, you’ll find yourself hunting destroyers in the Arctic, slipping through the Gibraltar straits in fog, savaging supply convoys in the North Atlantic, and chasing an enemy sub in the Bay Of Biscay. The game is played from a number of different screens depending on whether you’re on the surface or not. 

Das Boot, is no turkey shoot, it’s all about simulation and realism. Allied vessels can hit back and merchant ships have escorts who try to force U-boats away using deck guns to stop a surface attack and depth charges against the submerged subs. Stay topside too long and the airforce will join you for a one-sided shoot out. There are loads of options to configure the game in favour of playability or realism, and you can even speed the flow of time where there’s nothing happening. You can practice just about every aspect of the game, and generally it seems to have been engineered for maximum player-friendliness. Anyway, the game is absorbing and the actions sequences are good. Worth the download!

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Das Boot Amiga, MS-DOS

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