Jumping Jackson, original and addictive game

This is a very attractive and enjoyable puzzle game in which you play a sort of London Philharmonic buster. As Jumping Jackson, rockstar extraordinaire, you have to revive the flagging spirit of ‘rock and roll’ by wiping out classical music and giving bass, drums and axe the airplay they deserve. There are 16 levels to the game, each plagued by nasties such as violins and classical acoustic guitars. Complete with leathers and teased hair, you are on a mission to collect limited edition records, each on colourd vinyl, and place them on the appropriately coloured record deck. To claim each disk, you have to turn a strip of floor tiles one colour by bouncing on them. When you have done this, the corresponding record appears for you to go and collect it. Many of the levels are complex mazes, carefully constructed from disconnected floor tiles and random teleporters. The graphics are everything Amiga graphics should be. Cartoony, colourful and full of character. Add to that smooth scrolling and lots of cute little touches, like Jackson’s end-of-level dance, and you have a great looking game, and one that is very playable. Sixteen levels is not really enough but, for what you have, Jumping Jackson is a very good Commodore Amiga release!

news source: AF/AP/CU/AC / image source: GenerationAmiga / watch on Youtube / download Jumping jackson

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