How to build a generic 8bit/mono Amiga sampler cartridge

Over the course of the Commodore Amiga’s active lifespan, a great many samplers were manufactured to exploit audio capabilities that were unmatched by any other home computer of its time. In 1989 an Amiga 500 with a cheap 8bit parallel-port sampler gave you the means to produce professional sounding music in your bedroom for a few hundred pounds – about the same as it cost to hire a recording studio for a few days. Acid house and techno were exploding; hardcore, jungle and drum’n’bass were just around the corner. Countless dance, bass and electronic music superstars got their start with an Amiga and a cheap sampler. GitHub contributer echolevel released open source schematics for building a generic 8bit/mono Amiga sampler cartridge. The DIY project is very promising and worth a look for every Amiga & music fan.

news source: Github / image source: GenerationAmiga

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