AmigaPal: Sample prep/converter tool for Protracker

AmigaPal, Is a desktop app for preparing and converting 8bit samples for usage in Protracker. By default AmigaPal converts to 27928hz (A-3), which produces a relatively high quality 8bit 8svx file. AmigaPal Is built with Electron, an open-source framework developed and maintained by GitHub, AmigaPal should run on MacOS, Windows and Linux. The new update dramatically reduced memory footprint and CPU load when large numbers of samples are loaded for batch conversion. Trackers have been a favoured way of making music on the Commodore Amiga ever since Karsten Obarski introduced this novel approach to create soundtracks. Although there were more powerful programs around when the first Soundtracker appeared, the ease of use made the Soundtracker a winner amongst the many amateur musicians. You can find more information about the latest release of AmigaPal on GitHub.

news source: Twitter / image source: GitHub / download AmigaPal

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