New enhanced AmigaOS 4.1 release of Prince of Persia

SDLPoP (version 1.20) is an open source port of the game Prince of Persia and is now available on AmigaOS 4.1 FE. The Sultan has scooted off to biff up a few squabbling warriors across the border and in his absence the Grand Vizier Jaffar has swiped the throne and demanded the royal daughter’s hand-in-marriage. If she does not agree within the hour she is for the chop-chop. You are her hunk and you are stuck in the dungeons. Somehow news of her predicament reaches you, so off you trot against the clock, up through the palace and into the tower, to save your princess. Deadly traps, sword battles, and deadly environments were all part of what made the title great.

news source: OS4depot / image source: GenerationAmiga / download Prince of Persia SDL

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